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Cover - Lampadedromia


Lampadedromia, PR 04 Catalogue

This beautiful 32-page full-color catalogue, published in Slovenia by Ljubljana’s P.A.R.A.S.I.T.E. Museum of Art, details the Lampadedromia torch project by Hoguet, Pogačar and Walsh while showing off Puerto Rico’s vibrant culture. The project was commissioned in celebration of the Puerto Rican arts festival PR_04: Tribute to the Messenger in the summer of 2004. A re-envisioning of the idea of a "torch relay," Lampadedromia allowed anyone to participate - there were no restrictions on nationality or citizenship, age or background - and artists from around the world joined with Puerto Ricans to carry the torch. Features articles by Julieta González and Igor Španjol. Slovene and English bilingual edition. 

Journal for Anthropology and New Parasitism, Vol 6:2; Lampadedromia PR_04; (P.A.R.A.S.I.T.E. Museum of Art: Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2005); Paperback; 10" x 8 1/4" (260mm x 210mm); 32 pages/color illus.

$10 USD

Cover - PR04 Catalogue

PR04 in/print, Exhibition Catalogue

The ever ambitious Puerto Rican arts group M&M Proyectos has just released this complex 288-page full-color book as the catalogue for the PR_04: Tribute to the Messenger residency and exhibition program. Includes details on the work of over 70 artists and curators from around the world who participated in PR_04. The program was the third in a series of influential exhibitions that have brought hundreds of artists to Puerto Rico and placed them in artistic interaction with artists already working and living on the island. Features a section on the Lampadedromia (2004) torch project. 

PR04 in/print; Editors: Michy Marxuach, Pablo León de la Barra, Julieta González, Gabriel Parra-Blessing, Paola Pascua (M&M Proyectos: San Juan, Puerto Rico, 2005); Paperback; 6 3/4" x 9" (170mm x 230mm); 288 pages/color illus.; ISBN 0-9772251-0-0.

$20 USD


Cover - p74 Catalogue

Priveh osem let, Center in Galerija P74/
First Eight Years, P74 Center and Gallery

Ljubljana’s renowned arts center P74 has outdone itself with this 168-page full-color hardback look at eights years of extraordinary work. This is a small run publication of historic value. Since 1997 Gallery P74 has realized over 100 projects with related workshops, discussions, talks and presentations by artists from Slovenia and around the world. Features a section on the Tongue:Jezik (2003) project by Hoguet and Walsh. 

Priveh osem let, Center in Galerija P74/First Eight Years, P74 Center and Gallery; Editor: Tadej Pogačar; (P.A.R.A.S.I.T.E Museum of Art: Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2005); Hardback with canvas binding; 9" x 7 1/2" (230mm x 195mm); 168 pages/color illus.; ISBN 961-91737-0-8.

$40 USD



Cover - Link 10

LINK 10: “Cut”

Baltimore’s acclaimed arts journal Link has reinvented its hallmark blend of the sacred and the profane in a larger, juicier full-color format. At 160 pages, its tenth edition is devoted to investigating the variegated meanings of the “cut”: from Godard’s French new-wave “jump cut” to the world of wannabe-amputees. Yoko Ono reflects on the meaning of her landmark "Cut Piece" —where audience members are invited to cut the clothes from her body— forty years after its original performance. Film director John Waters talks about his photography, a growing body of work composed of edited film stills. Featuring a collection of works from established and emerging artists - from haircuts and silhouettes and plastic surgery to the Maryland State Penitentiary, audio clipping, and Baltimore’s “Amazing Half-Boy ” - Link cuts to the chase as never before. Peter Walsh is one of the journal's founding editors. 

LINK 10 "CUT"; Editors: Mark Alice Durant, Stephen Janis, Bill Sebring; (Link Arts, Incorporated: Baltimore, MD, USA, 2005); Paperback; 10" x 7" (255mm x 175mm) 160 pages/color illus.; ISBN 1-892813-09-2; ISSN 1097-9700; LCCN sn98-004102.

$10 USD

Cover - Heart of Gold

Heart of Gold Exhibition Catalogue

This rare exhibition catalogue masquerading as a glossy TV soap opera digest is a gem. Edited by curator Larissa Harris, with Anthony Huberman, to coincide with her 2002 PS1 exhibition, the catalogue features an essay, multi-page, full-color overviews of seven artists (Eleanor Antin, Katrin Asbury, Chris Doyle, Hope Ginsburg, Anissa Mack, Noah Sheldon and Peter Walsh) plus a “Pop Quiz” by Monica de la Torre. Designed by New Collectivism!

Heart of Gold; Editors Larissa Harris & Anthony Huberman; (PS1 Contemporary Art Center: Long Island City, New York, 2002); booklet; 7 1/4” x 5” (185mm x 130mm); 32 pages/color illus.

$3 USD


Cover - PAJ 72

PAJ 72: A Journal of Performance and Art

Critic Nuit Banai's insightful article on the Brewster Project, "Shifting Sites: The Brewster Project and the Plight of Place," is available as a pdf through the PAJ website and includes commentary on Peter Walsh's Celebration of the Reversal of the Directional Flow of the New Croton Aqueduct. Some libraries and schools have licensed the magazine and will allow you to download it for free, otherwise there is a hefty fee of $10 USD per article. The entire publication is available for $18 USD.


"Shifting Sites: The Brewster Project and the Plight of Place,"  Nuit Banai
PAJ 72: A Journal of Performance and Art (click here to go to PAJ's website)
September, 2002, image and text, pp. 56-67.

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