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Central Park Portrait Exchange

Portrait exchanges with professional portrait drawers in Manhattan's Central Park.


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Portrait Drawing Round Robin

Drawing leveled.





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Brick Man

A city intersection becomes a scale model of the world's economy.


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Wall Street Crab Feast

"I was thinking about money. And about what it means to be from a particular place."


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Case Study

A P.T. Barnum advertising stunt is grounded in 300 years of real estate transactions.





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Drawing Water

Who makes art valuable?


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Celebration of the Reversal the New Croton Aqueduct

Water flows uphill in a new public works project.


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I Love You

A Domestic Comedy for Four Televisions and Seven Dwarves



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A hand-made "open source" platform.

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Mercenaria mercenaria

The origins of money in the sharing of a meal.



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Part One: A crash course in Slovene;
Part Two: Mapping the languages of Ljubljana.


po slovensko>>


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Expanding the franchise.



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Lampadedromia, Puerto Rico 2004

Equipo Terrestre, "The Supra-National Team."


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