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Update 2006: Brick Man

SUNY Purchase
(77 Circuits, 308 exchanges)

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     As part of a series of performance recreations by students at the State University of New York’s Purchase College, P.T. Barnum’s Brick Man was restaged by Patrick Costello using a new set of instructions created by Peter Walsh. The piece was performed for one hour (77 Circuits, 308 Exchanges) in a space directly in front of the Neuberger Museum of Art as part of the program Active Life. Hundreds of museum patrons on their way to a fall gala event saw the performance in action.

     Says Costello, a student at the University of Virginia, in town for the event:

“I really did like the confusion the piece created for the people entering the museum. Some people looked at me funny and others pretended not to notice me, as if I were hired help for the event or something. It’s an interesting piece because of its connection with a ritualistic sort of labor and its almost inane use of public space.”

     The work was chosen for inclusion in the program by Purchase College student Jason Kachadourian.

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